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ASNT Spring Conference and
11th Annual Research Symposium - 2002

Experience the Power of NDE / NDT

March 18-22, 2002
Hilton Portland
Portland, Oregon US

This conference will provide a special industrial focus: NDE/NDT for Power Generation Industry. Deregulation, aging power generation equipment and a tremendous increase of newly installed industrial gas turbines are causing exciting changes and new opportunities for NDE/NDT in the power generation industry. This industry is concentrated on industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, nuclear, coal, windmills, hydroelectric and alternative energy sources.

[Click here] for a complete PDF program for the ASNT Spring Conference and 11th Annual Research Symposium 2002. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the file.


Tabletop Exhibits

Monday, March 18
Set-up: 2-5 pm
Welcome Party: 5-8 pm

Tuesday, March 19
Open: 9:30-1 pm
Open: 3-6 pm

Wednesday, March 20
Open: 9:30 am-1 pm

Featuring the following topics:

Specific Challenges in the Power Generation Industry
NDE/NDT of Advanced Materials
Laser and Optical Inspection Technologies
Robotics and Automation in NDE/NDT
Remote and Wireless Sensors
Miniature Sensors and Actuators
Emerging NDE/NDT Technologies
Manufacturing Process Control
General Topics in NDE/NDT


[Click here] for a PDF version of the conference registration form.

[Click here] for a PDF version of the hotel reservation form, which also includes additional travel information.

Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the files.

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