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    Approved: September 20, 2001

    Article I - Name

    1.1 - The name of this organization shall be "Colorado Section of The American Society for Nondestructive Testing".

    Article II - Purpose

    2.1 - The Section shall operate primarily for scientific and educational purposes in the field of nondestructive testing and material evaluation.

    2.2 - The Section shall strive to promote fellowship among those engaged in the field of nondestructive testing and material evaluation.

    2.3 - The Section shall formulate and promote efforts for recognition of the field of nondestructive testing and material evaluation as a group of distinct sciences.

    Article III - Membership

    3.1 - Any individual interested in the purposes of the American Society For Nondestructive Testing is eligible for admission under the provisions of the Constitution of the National Society.

    3.2 - Election to Honorary membership shall only be by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Dues for Honorary members shall be paid by the local Section.

    3.3 - Any individual residing in or having professional association with this locality, will be welcomed as a member of this Section upon his request and will immediately receive all the rights and privileges thereof.

    Article IV - Duties of Officers

    4.l - The elected officers of the Section shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

    4.2 - All elective officers shall be elected for a term of one year. The term of office shall be July 1st through the following June 30th.

    4.3 - The Chairman shall have general administrative charge of the affairs of the Section and shall preside over meeting of the Section. He shall appoint Chairmen of all committees, except program.

    4.4 - The Vice-Chairman shall act for the Chairman in the latter's absence.

    4.5 - The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and account for all monies belonging to the Section.

    4.6 - The Secretary shall attend to the correspondence and maintenance of the Section's records.

    4.7 - The Executive Committee shall be composed of all officers of the Section, the Directors and any Sub-Committee Chairmen appointed by the Section Chairman.

    4.8 - The Chairman shall head the Executive Committee and a majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

    4.9 - The immediate past chairman of the Section and three elected members will serve as directors, each serves a one year term.

    4.10 - The directors will assist in the determination of Section policy and otherwise act in an advisory capacity to the incumbent Chairman, and the Section in general.

    4.11 - Vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee until the annual election.

    Article V - Meetings

    5.1 - The Section shall hold regular meetings, including an Annual Election meeting in accordance with the By-Laws of the Section.

    5.2 - Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee, if required, and all members shall be given notice of the meeting at least four (4) days in advance.

    5.3 - On request of twelve (12) members, the Chairman shall call a special meeting, notifying the members of the business to be taken up at this special meeting. The Quorum of the Executive Committee must be present at the meeting, and no other business may be entertained or transacted at the meeting.

    Article VI - Amendments

    6.l - The Executive Committee may, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, propose amendments to the Constitution which must be submitted to the Section thirty (30) days prior to any regular meeting. At this meeting two-thirds (2/3) majority of those in attendance shall be required to enact the amendment.

    6.2 - Ten (10) active members may petition the Executive Committee to submit a proposed amendment to the members of the Section.

    6.3 - Amendments shall take effect immediately upon the announcement of the adoption by the Chairman of the Section provided there is no conflict with the Constitution of the National Society. By-Laws and Rules may be similarly amended.


    Approved: September 20, 2001

    A - Meetings

    A.1 - The Section shall hold a minimum of three (3) regular meetings each year and the members of the Section shall be notified at least one week in advance. Meeting location shall be at the discretion of the Chairman.

    A.2 - Special meetings of the Section may be called by the Chairman or the Executive Committee in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Section.

    A.3 - The Executive Committee shall hold board meetings, the frequency of which shall be at the discretion of the Chairman.

    A.4 - Unless otherwise specified by the Constitution or by the By-Laws, all questions which shall come before a meeting of the Section or of the Executive Committee shall be decided by the majority of the votes cast.

    B - Dues

    B.1 - Annual dues shall be in accordance with those of the National Constitution and By-Laws. Dues shall be payable directly to the National Society.

    C - Elections

    C.1 - A nominating committee, consisting of three members, shall be appointed by the Section Chairman before December 31st. The nominating committee shall be chaired by the Chairman of the Board. The report of the Nominating Committee's selection of the candidates who have expressed their willingness to serve, shall be presented to the members prior to April. Any additional nominations shall be received by the Chair in writing or verbally prior to the election.

    At the last meeting before June 30, the Chairman of the Section shall read the nominations and a vote will be taken. All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present. Installation shall be prior to July 1.

    C.2 - The Chairman of the Section shall not succeed himself, unless no other person is nominated.

    D - Committees

    D.1 - The Standing Committees shall consist of the Program, Membership, Publicity, Awards, and Educational Committees.

    D.2 - The Vice-Chairman shall be Chairman of the Program Committee.

    D.3 - The Chairman may appoint committees other than the Standing Committees and delegate power to persons or committees among the active members. No act of these persons or committees shall be binding on the Section until approved by the Board of Directors. These appointments of the Chairman shall expire with the Chairman's term of office.

    D.4 - The Executive Committee may recommend removal from office of any member of any committee with a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee. This recommendation shall be presented to the members at a regular meeting. At the following regular meeting, a ballot vote shall be taken, and the majority vote of the active members present shall govern. Ballots cast by the active members present.

    D.5 - The Executive Committee may appoint representatives to act in an advisory capacity in any allied Societies. The Executive Committee shall function to aid and assist the Chairman and to conduct meetings in the absence of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman.

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