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Thursday, September 10, 2009
8:30 AM (Mountain time)

(see instructions below)

Board of Director Meeting (Open)

Please be prepared to discuss what you can do to contribute to the 2009 - 2010 year.


  2. What program do you want? There will be no meeting scheduled for September
    This is an open planning meeting for the year. Remember, 3 meetings are required to continue as a Section.
    A meeting schedule draft is included at the end of this message.
    As Program Chairman, I need help to continue.
  3. Meeting place and day. Ed and Las Brisas have done a good job in accommodating us, but we must have a better response for them to continue.
  4. Do we wish to continue in the Colorado Engineering Council? Does someone else want to be a representative?
  5. Do we want to do an education program? What is the interest and what subjects? We need a volunteer to do this.
  6. Do we want a yearbook, newsletter, etc. for the section? We need a volunteer to do this.
  7. What do we want on the web site? Do we want to continue with advertising on the web site, in a newsletter, in the monthly meeting notice? We need a volunteer to do this.
  8. Meetings with the greatest interest seem to be plant, business, and facility tours. We need volunteers to do this.
  9. Do we want some section meetings by telecom? What subjects, issues, etc? We need a volunteer to do this.
  10. We have lapsed in providing speaker gifts. What do we want? We need a volunteer to do this.
  11. Recognition of Ed Edgerton and his service to the Section

Please be prepared for response to each agenda item and bring additional items that will help sustain the Section. Be prepared to volunteer. By our charter, we must have a quorum to conduct business of the section.

Check your email for instructions how to join the teleconference, or call Ward Rummel


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